Understanding the Impact of Technology on Society

Technology was originally created in order to help everyone especially for communication and to help businesses. In other words, technology benefits the whole society. However, is technology being used properly? Or is it only for self purposes? This questions should be taken seriously. At the beginning, when technology was first introduced, all people became excited and used it. But as time goes by and it is continually being developed, you can see its negative impact on society. Teenagers and young adults just focus on technology’s benefits.

For example, when the smartphone was introduced to the world, the said age groups did their best to have such gadget. And how do they use the smartphone? Since it had many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, most of them use these apps to destroy someone by posting negative things like pictures and even negative words. This is one negative impact. And if you watch the video above, you will see that most Facebook users are concerned on how to get many “Likes” to be popular. See this best private search company to guide you. Open this site  查IP for more. This is a great help in your life.

People nowadays depend much on their phones. They don’t even want to just leave it on the table or put in their pockets for at least thirty minutes. This may sound too much but this is true to many. Also, many smartphone users check their phones at least every after ten minutes. You can have this private search service in here 徵信社. And according to the video shown, when they asked some university students if what would they do if they don’t have their phones for three months, most of them answered that they would die.